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As a child, I’d lay in bed with dreams of some day becoming one of Cleveland’s best wedding DJs. Ok, that’s not true at all but it would totally make sense if you knew how often I’d bring my Fisher-Price cassette player over to friends’ houses to play them music I thought they would like. Or the hours I’d spend in high school meticulously crafting mix CDs for friends, without being asked, because I knew they would love it. Or the countless iPod playlists I’d put together for parties in college, which would even include a Black Eyed Peas song or two, not because I liked it but because I knew that’s what the drunken masses wanted to hear in 2005. The truth is, I’ve always had a passion for making people happy through music and since I never learned to play an instrument DJing just made sense. I never imagined I could make a career that is seriously fun out of entertaining people on the happiest day of their life, but here we are. For me, it doesn’t get much better than seeing people react to the first few notes of a song they love while they’re surrounded by a hundred of their closest friends and family… Oh and cheese, also, I love cheese.


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I think everyone can agree that reading and writing aren’t nearly as easy as listening and talking, so, I started a podcast. It’s me and my photographer friend, Dustin, talking to all kinds of different people about anything related to weddings. Check it out, subscribe, and if you’re not a jerk leave a review with 5 stars!

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